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Q: When will registration be available?
A: We expect registration to begin on or about March 2, 2019. We will use all those who register to fill the session openings for all the available operating sessions. Session assignment priority will be based on time of registration on our website.

Q: How many layouts will I be able to operate?
A: Four. One Friday evening, two on Saturday, and one on Sunday. There is a bonus session on Friday morning for those who arrive early.

Q: On which railroads will I get to operate?
A: You will be able to review information on each host layout on the website, and then submit your picks for the weekend. We will do our best to see that everyone receives as many of their top choices as possible.

Please keep in mind both the crew and the number of sessions available for each layout affect how many operating positions at a particular layout will be available over the weekend. As first choices take precedence over second choices, etc. a smaller layout may have all of its positions filled solely by first picks. If you cannot operate on a layout (i.e. allergic to pets – see the layout descriptions), please make sure this is also noted with your choices. Any information you could provide about your preferences would be helpful in setting up the desired layouts.

Q: I will be traveling with others and would like to operate together as a group over the weekend. Can this be arranged?
A: First preference will be to assign layouts based on each individual operator's selections. If groups are limited to 2 or three persons, we will try to accommodate you. All members of your group must indicate that they are together in the comments section of the registration form.

Q: Will I need to bring my own FRS radio and throttle?
A: While it is a good idea to have your own FRS radio, please check with the owners of the layouts that you are assigned to and confirm the actual requirements. If you have a NCE and/or Digitrax throttle, bring it with you. Check with the layout owners before using it at each layout. Most layout owners will be contacting their session attendees a week or two prior to the weekend with specific information on their layouts, and other requirements.

Q: I'd like to leave early before a session ends; is this OK?
A: No. As with all operations events, the IslandOps layout owners put a great amount of time and effort into preparing their sessions. This includes balancing the workload to the number of operators signed up for a session. Leaving early disrupts this balance and also shows a certain lack of respect for your host. Every effort will be made to adhere to the listed schedule to make sure sessions end on time (especially on Sunday).

Q: Why didn't I get all the layouts I wanted?
A: Every effort was made to get an attendee's first and/or second choices of layouts. For various reasons, some layouts are more popular than others, and may not be able to satisfy the demand for operating positions. In general, the layouts are assigned to attendee based on the order the requests arrived at our server and then their individual request ranking.

Q: Is anyone in charge of this operation?
A: Check out the IslandOps contacts link for contact information.

Q: How will I find out which layouts I will be attending?
A: Information will be emailed to each attendee approximately two weeks prior to the event.

Q: Can I change the layouts that I get to operate?
A: You will be assigned the layouts that you are scheduled to visit. As courtesy to the layout hosts, who are counting on a certain number of operators showing up, we ask that you attend the operating sessions assigned. If, for some reason, you cannot attend a session to which you have been assigned, at least do the polite thing and let the layout host know ahead of time. Otherwise, please attend all the sessions for which you have been assigned.

Q: I can't make it for the weekend! Who should I notify?
A: If you can't make it for the weekend or part of the weekend, please notify the Registrar. He will take your information and let the layout hosts know so that your vacancy can be filled, if possible.

Q: Where can I learn more about the layouts involved in IslandOps?
A: Click on the Layouts Tab, then click on the desired layout.

Q: I'm a really important person. I may decide to cancel my trip to IslandOps a few days before. That's OK with you, right?
A: Actually, no. It's likely that we'll turn down a number of applicants due to limited space, so if you say you're going to attend, we expect you to honor that commitment. In the case of an absolute emergency, please be courteous and give us as much notice as possible so we can try to invite people from the waiting list.

Q: To whom should I present my gripes/compliments?
A: Compliments should go to the information address on the website, as well as gripes. Hopefully there will be more compliments than gripes, if we do our jobs correctly. Remember this is an all-volunteer operation. After the weekend, we will ask you to fill out a brief on-line evaluation survey.

The cost of managing IslandOps is subsidized by our sponsoring organizations and the IslandOps Host Committee.

Q: Where can I find out more information about the Long Island Area?
A: Check the Links portion of the Information tab, which contains links to many local area rail and non-rail attractions.



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