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Available Layouts
Layout Owner Slots
Friday Evening - Start time 6PM
Delaware & Susquehanna Phil Monat 12
Friday Evening - Start time 7PM
NPSF Nic Platas 10
Great Lakes & Iron Range Steve Gittleman 7
Saturday Morning - Start time 8:30AM
Santa Fe Raton Pass Ken Dasaro 8
Jerome Central Mike Ryan 8
Stone Canyon John Feraca 8
West Side Lumber Vinny Pelliteri 10
Saturday Afternoon - Start time 2:00PM
Chichester & Sweet Hollow Steve Gittleman 16
Great Northern Ron Engel 6
New York Harbor Dave Ramos 12
Sunday Morning - Start time 9:30AM
Allegheny & Western RR West Island Club 34
Friday morning Bonus Session - Start time 11:00AM
Chichester & Sweet Hollow Steve Gittleman 16

PLEASE NOTE: There are 12 layouts participating in this years Island Ops. We will assign sessions by registration order, then by the order you rank each operating session. The first registrant gets his top choice, while the last registrant may not even get his last choice once all of the op sessions fill up.

When your registration is accepted by the system, there will be a screen letting you know that the registration was successful. If you don't get the success message, check the form over to be sure you filled in enough information. If you have not entered a home phone number and address the system will not accept the registration.

Registration is now closed for Island Ops 2018!



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