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The link to the IslandOps 2020 event is:

IslandOps is postponed until the fall, September 25-27, 2020.

Guests are strongly encouraged to register with the website before IslandOps 2020 registration officially opens. Click HERE to Register!

Layout selections will be first-come, first-served this year, so guests should sign up to the website before IslandOps registration opens. There is no advertising or selling of your email address.

Carpools are better supported using this system; A carpool should pick a captain, who will pick the layouts for the group as a whole. Only layouts will enough space remaining for the size of the carpool will show up as available to select.
Available Layouts
Layout Owner Slots
** Bonus Session** Friday Morning - Start time 11:00 AM
Chichester & Sweet Hollow Steve Gittleman 12
Friday Evening - Start time 7:00 PM
Great Lakes & Iron Range Steve Gittleman 10
NPSF Nic Platas 10
Stone Canyon John Feraca 8
Saturday Morning - Start time 8:30 AM
Great Northern Ron Engel 6
Island Central Howard Dwyer 6
New York & Atlantic Dave Barraza 11
Barcardi & Northern Steve Torborg 5
Saturday Afternoon - Start time 2:00 PM
Allegheny & Western RR West Island Club 28
Sunday Morning - Start Time 9:00 AM
Bacardi & Northern Steve Torborg 4
Delaware & Susquehanna Phil Monat 12
Chichester & Sweet Hollow Steve Gittleman 12

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is now open!





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