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Nicolo Platas' NPSF Ry

It's 2022 and the NPSF has purchased a secondary line in New Mexico from the BNSF Ry. The NPSF has a substantial subset of all modern railroad traffic running over its well maintained route across the desert and through the city of Albuquerque.

Passenger trains from Amtrak and RailRunner compete for track space with unit trains, mixed manifests, coal drags, ethanol trains, and local switch runs. The NPSF is proto-freelanced, based on the practices of BNSF. The layout is double decked, and the desert scenery is 95% complete. The railroad uses NCE DCC with radio. Trains are dispatched via verbal train orders and local freights use switchlists to direct car movements.

Featured in the March 2014 issue of RMC

Handicap Accessibility: Not Handicapped Accessible

NPSF NPSF Upper Level Map
NPSF Lower Level Map
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