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The Stone Canyon Railroad is a fully operational freelanced single deck layout based in the western U.S. Timeframe is 1950's steam/diesel transition era. UP and ATSF are the predominate roads. Overall layout size is 26' x 39' including staging. The mainline is 200' double track closed loop plus 150' of hidden staging that can accommodate up to 12 pre-staged trains. Scenery is 100% complete and ranges from rugged mountains to a complete lighted city scene. DCC is Digitrax Super Chief Duplex Radio. Throttles will be provided. Motive power includes a variety of steam engines as large as 4-8-8-4 Big Boys. Diesels include switcher and road units along with E and F units for passenger operation. Operations include passenger, local freight, coal and through freight. Switching opportunities include a coal mine, 30 industries, six towns, a large freight yard and a full service steam/diesel engine facility that includes a 130 ft. turntable, 12 stall roundhouse and diesel shop. A typical 3 hour operating session involves the movement of approx. 200+ cars, 16 locomotives and up to 16 trains. Operator positions include; Dispatcher (layout owner), Yardmaster, Motive Power Hostler, Engineer and Conductor. Communications between dispatcher and operators are via radio/headsets (provided). Car forwarding is done with car cards and waybills. In addition to the dispatcher, a minimum of 5 and maximum of 9 operators are required. The layout has hosted approx. 48 operating sessions since 2013 and has participated in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 IslandOps weekends.

Handicap Accessibility: Not Handicapped Accessible

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Stone Canyon
Stone Canyon Stone Canyon
Stone Canyon Stone Canyon




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