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The Chichester and Sweet Hollow RR is loosely fashioned after the Middletown to Willimantic segment of the New Haven RR. This 1:29 scale garden railroad is designed for ops. Last year we hosted an IslandOps session and everyone, including us, came away happy.

A reservoir to the south of Chichester is providing a small percentage of its fill to assist the C & S H in converting an old trestle into a fill. Until the trestle over Sweet Hollow gorge is back in action, freight traffic is being offloaded at Sweet Hollow Industrial Transfer Co. where trucks swarm around the loading platforms. Traffic is heavy here and demands much of the crews. The sounds of a busy transfer depot are heard throughout the valley. (SHITCo. is twelve-odd feet long with its own sound system.

The year is 1964 and the important terminal grain elevator at Sweet Hollow is struggling to handle the burgeoning traffic. Local collection elevators fear giving up their PS-1 boxcars out of concern that they will not be replaced. At Sweet Hollow covered hoppers are being loaded at a rapid pace allowing the now more-primitive boxcars to be returned to smaller local elevators. Grain is being sorted and transferred to brand new 100 ton hoppers while grain doors are being removed from the forty footers that will soon be taken out of grain service - But it is the harvest and there are never enough cars to handle demand.

This "layout" now in its fourth year has pioneered many new construction methods. It is 300 feet long, x 50 wide.

A newly-reconfigured track arrangement makes working the main terminal much more efficient - and eliminated some pesky sharp curves! As always, progress is occuring on many fronts and we hope you'll join us for a great day of outdoor operations.

Outdoor Layout Handicap Accessibility: Gravel Paths and slopes. No barriers

There is an additional indoor layout in case of inclement weather:

The Great Lakes & Iron Range is a freelanced ore hauler based on the Upper Midwest with some urban flair thrown in. A huge ore dock with full size lake boats alongside is one of the highlights of this layout. It uses NCE DCC for train control and the scenery is 75% complete. We will operate on this layout in the event of inclement weather, but there is no handicapped access to this layout.

Indoor Layout Handicap Accessibility: Not Handicapped Accessible





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