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Stephen Vaughan Jr's Bath & Hammondsport

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Op Session  4/27 8:30am to 12:30pm 2 spots

Inspired by the 9 mile New York railroad "The Champagne Trail" connecting its two namesake towns and serving the famous Finger Lakes wine industry. A day begins departing Hammondsport working the industries while making its way to Bath to pick up the cars that the Erie's Rochester Branch trains set out for customers between Bath and Hammondsport. Returning to Hammondsport and working where the inbound cars need to be delivered. Bulk wine from California, sugar, cardboard, coal, lumber, grain, fertilizers, and other supplies are vital to support the vineyards growing season, harvest, and the furnishing of unique Finger Lakes wine. Carloads of bulk grapes, bulk wine, and kegged and bottled table wine get set out at the Bath interchange to reach the distributor network. This S scale around the room shelf layout gets inspiration from this particular short line and take creative liberties, but is inspired to give the feel of a small railroad with a "big barrel" of purpose. Construction of the layout began in 2021 and is slowly expanding through the basement, as any short line would. Scenery is minimal and industrial structures are coming on line when track gang is on hiatus.

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