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Ron Engel's Great Northern

Type When Spots
Op Session  4/27 8:30am to 12:30pm 6 spots

My first layout is a freelanced design loosely based on the Great Northern RR in Minnesota late 50s/early 60s. The main yard is St. Cloud with towns of Hinkley and Elk River. I use the standard car cards and 4 position waybills along with a train order card. My operating session is laid back and consists of one eastbound turn from Minneapolis (staging) to St. Cloud and one westbound turn from Duluth (staging) to St. Cloud. Operations consist of mostly local and yard switching. I also have a mine branch run and swap, along with manifests, priority freight, and an ore drag. Trains move using a timetable.

Jobs on this layout are:

  • Yardmaster (Sit down job): Local pickups and delay, sort arrival and departures and turn engines on turntable, coordinate transfers with BN
  • Local turn (Standing job): Local pickups and drops at two towns
  • Road job (Standing job): Mine run (empties and loads), reefers, and several through trains

Since completing my Great Northern layout, I built another layout based on the Burlington Northern circa 1971 in an adjacent room which is connected by interchange to the Great Northern. It has three decks, point to point staging, a yard with industry, an eight car ferry, and four towns with switching. Operation consists of two locals running in each direction along with yard switching, arrivals and departures at the interchange from the Great Northern, and an ore drag that traverses both the BN and GN.

Jobs on this layout are:

  • Yardmaster (Sit down job): Manages yard and coordinates transfers with Great Northern
  • Drill Crew (Sit down job): Drills local industries and the yard, handles interchange trains
  • Road Local (Standing job): Runs a turn from staging to Superior and return

Handicap Accessibility: Not Handicapped Accessible

Great Northern Overview Burlington Northern Overview
GN Spruce Falls Bridge Widdes Farm Supply
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