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John Feraca's Stone Canyon

Type When Spots
Op Session  4/26 6:30pm to 10:30pm 9 spots

The Stone Canyon Railroad is a fully operational freelanced single deck layout based in the western U.S. that was featured in the June 2021 issue of Model Railroader magazine. Timeframe is 1950's steam/diesel transition era. UP and ATSF are the predominant roads.

Overall layout size is 26' x 39' including staging. The mainline is 200' double track closed loop plus 150' of hidden staging that can accommodate up to 10 pre-staged trains. Scenery is 100% complete and ranges from rugged mountains to a complete lighted city scene.

DCC is Digitrax Super Chief Duplex Radio. Throttles will be provided or operators can use smartphone WiFi throttles.

Motive power includes a variety of steam engines as large as 4-8-8-4 Big Boys. Diesels include switcher and road units along with E and F units for passenger operation.

Operations include passenger, local freight, coal, through freight, and branchline service. Switching opportunities include a coal mine, over 35 industries, six towns, a large freight yard, lumber branchline, and a full service steam/diesel engine facility that includes a 130 ft. turntable, 12 stall roundhouse, and diesel shop.

A typical three hour operating session involves the movement of approx. 200+ cars, 18 locomotives and up to 12 trains.

Operator positions include:

  • Dispatcher (typically layout owner)
  • Yardmaster
  • Motive Power Hostler
  • Branchline Operator
  • Road Engineers and Conductors

Communications between dispatcher and operators are via radio/headsets (provided). Car forwarding is done with car cards and waybills. In addition to the dispatcher, a minimum of 5 and maximum of 9 operators are required.

The layout has hosted over 100 operating sessions since 2013 and has participated in every IslandOps weekend.

Handicap Accessibility: Not Handicapped Accessible

The host's COVID policy is for all guests to be fully vaccinated per CDC guidelines and to wear masks if exhibiting any upper respiratory symptoms.

Layout Plan 01192015 Linear Plan 20221129
DaylightDreaming Stone City at night
Beaver Creek Lumber Mill Working the icehouse
Stone City Engine Facility Switching Stone City
Engine terminal overview Overview of Flat Rock
Overview of Stone City Yard and Rockwell Mine
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