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Vinny Pellitteri's West Side Lumber

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This beautiful model railroad is an Sn3 version of the Westside Lumber Company (WSLC) in the early to mid-1950s. The setting is the woods of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, about 120 miles east of San Francisco. The layout occupies a 30’ x 40’ basement room and occupies about 1000 square feet. Track work is hand laid with about 30% dual gauge. The scenery is highly detailed and about 98% complete.rn Motive power includes WSLC Shays, WSLC Heislers (both narrow gauge and standard gauge as per the prototype), a WSLC Porter, a Sierra Railroad Climax, an early Sierra diesel, one standard gauge Sierra Railroad 2-8-0, a WSLC Plymouth Diesel, and a WSLC Railbus for passenger service into the woods. All engines are DCC with sound.rn Operation is at a relaxed pace, closely following the actual traffic patterns of the company in this time period. Three "Town Shays" work the delivery of empties from Tuolumne to Deadwood, while three "Woods Shays" deliver reloaded lumber from Deep Gorge to Deadwood. The standard gauge Sierra Railroad works the Tuolumne Drying Yards and the town. Work trains deliver oil, water, sand, and supplies to the camps while an excursion train brings visitors up to Camp 24 to have lunch with the camp crew and return to town in time for dinner.rn The primary objective of the operating scheme is for the engineers to have fun!rn

Trackplan Overview
Tuolumne  Yard log dump
camp 24 Bourland  Bridge
Shay 14
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