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The layout is based on a "what if?" scenario where the Alphabet Route railroads were allowed to combine into a system as an efficiency move during WW II. (This is similar to the Family Lines during the 1980s where several railroads painted equipment in the same scheme even though they were not legally one entity.) You'll see equipment of the combined Allegheny & Western system along with equipment of the member roads.

The modeled A&W mainline runs from the Port of NY to Harrisburg, PA. There are two major subdivisions branching off from the main. One goes from Phillipsburg, NJ to Maybrook, NY. The other goes from Topton, PA to Wilkes-Barre, PA. Our hub is Allentown, PA, a midsize city with a large manufacturing base.

We are modeling selected highlights of this diverse and interesting territory.

Major locations are:

  • Greenville in Jersey City, NJ has a busy waterfront with a refinery and car float operations.

  • Bethlehem, PA has the main Bethlehem Steel works.

  • Allentown, PA has our company offices and our main yard, a modern rider hump. It is also the terminus for short-distance service to New York.

  • Harrisburg, PA is our connection to the PRR system as well as the gateway to the south and southwest.

  • Wilkes-Barre, PA is a rich source of traffic in anthracite as well as connections to the north and west.

  • Maybrook, NY is a gateway to the north and east.

It takes a lot of people diligently working to keep a Class One railroad fluid. From the switcher plugging away at the docks to the trainmaster overseeing it all, there are a wide variety of jobs.

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